Personal Chef

Personal Chef Experience


Seasonal Wholesome Home-cooked meals tailored to your health goals and dietary preference.

Gluten-free. Vegetarian. Kosher. Paleo. Vegan. Other.

Why Seasonal?

I build meals around seasonal foods for many reasons. First, that is how I grew up eating and that tradition has made me more connected to the food that I put in my body and I want to offer that balanced experience to each of my clients. Secondly, food is at its peak which means you have more vitamins, rich flavors, minerals, antioxidants when food is picked and eaten during its season. Lastly, getting seasonal foods means supporting local farmers which are great for the environment and also for your wallet. For me, eating seasonally is a no-brainer: great food, great life, and fantastic eating experience. 

See what’s in the season

Daily rates begin at $150/ 2 hours + grocery

Service includes initial client consultation, a  menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food packaging, and last, kitchen clean-up.

So how does it work?

We begin with a consultation where we discuss:

  • Schedule (when do you want meals services and how often)
  • Taste Preference
  • Dietary Requirement
  • Health Goals
  • Storage (Spanish Town Kitchen can provide our own storage containers at an additional cost or you can provide your own)
  • Menu – you can pick from our menu or we can put together a personal menu especially for you.


  • I’ll work on an approved menu and purchase all groceries and additional pantry ingredients needed. 
  • Prepare your delicious meals, package, label and store them.
  • Make sure your kitchen is clean and sanitized.


  • You heat, eat and enjoy your deliciously made food.

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